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Brittain and Mom Happy Dance Leva Testimonial Video

May 16, 2023 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

This mother daughter Leva user duo is doing a happy dance for seeing urinary incontinence (UI) symptom improvement (for them) just 2 weeks into treatment! Before Leva, getting through a full dance like this without several trips to the bathroom wasn’t possible for Brittain and her mom. The Leva Pelvic Health System is FDA-cleared for the treatment of stress, mixed, and urgency urinary incontinence (including overactive bladder) as well as chronic fecal incontinence. It takes just 2.5 minutes 2x per day for 12 weeks and most users see UI symptom improvement lasting at least a year! Now with Cigna insurance coverage, ask your health care provider if Leva may be the right solution for you! Learn more at

*Individual results may vary. Please visit the website for the full instructions for use and important safety information.